Only 2 weeks to go until the opening!

Another busy week is behind us preparing for Sculpture in the Rose Garden. We made progress with our artists profiles and media for the website and print displays. It is shaping up to be a great exhibition bringing art into the heart of Brookfield.

Artist Profiles

I have published 6 out of 9 Artist Profiles on the website. The sculptures available will be added over the course of the next few weeks.

Signage and Ads

We have been working on signage and flyers. Print, digital and PVC.

3m x1m PVC Banner that will advertise the event at the Rose Farm fence.
Flyers everywhere, this one at the Brookfield General Store
The event is added for people around Brisbane to find us on the Brisbane App.

Coffee Van

We are Happy to announce that Chaos Coffee will be serving coffee on the opening morning. Chaos Coffee has a unique and special background. Every cup of coffee supports our veterans.

Coffee Cart

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Artistry in the acres of Brookfield
Sculpture Gallery for Brookfield
Brookfield Sculpture offers a unique and captivating setting to appreciate the work of skilled sculptors and explore the intricate world of garden art.