Introducing Fred Beel, an artist whose background as a semi-retired fitter, machinist, toolmaker, and welder deeply informs his creative practice. Fred's experience in these trades has provided him with a diverse skill set, particularly in working with metal, which he skillfully combines with his imagination. This unique blend of technical expertise and creativity has led to his success in securing several prominent public art works and numerous accolades.

Fred's involvement in the arts extends beyond his personal creations. For six years, he led as the Chairperson for the Hedland Arts Council (HArtz) in Western Australia, contributing significantly to the local arts scene. Currently, he is an active committee member of Sculptures Queensland, where he brings his expertise to editing and compiling the monthly newsletter. His commitment to community arts is further evidenced by his membership in the Beaudesert and District Community Arts Project (BADCAP) and Arts Connect on the Sunshine Coast.

Sculptures For Sale By Fred

Greco Roman Bouquet - Fred Beel
The artists is continuing his ongoing exploration of spheres. In this piece he is replicating the organic forms found in gardens.
Heavenly Bodies - Fred Beel
Spheres and circles are the reoccurring theme for the artist. And where are you most likely to find an infinite number of spheres, in the heavens

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