I am excited and proud to announce a partnership between Brookfield Rose Farm and Brookfield Sculpture. Selected works from Local Brookfield and Brisbane Sculptors will be shown.

Sculpture & Roses

A perfect match.


Brookfield Rose Farm is located in the heart of Brookfield on Rafting Ground Road. A busy road with high visibility and frequent visitors.

Brookfield Rose Farm located in the heart of Brookfield.
Aerial photo of the "Gin & Jazz" event at Brookfield Rose Farm


Over the course of the year Brookfield Rose farm host the "Gin & Jazz" and "Strings & Stems" events. An opening event for Brookfield Sculpture is planned.


Gin & Jazz in the garden.

Reasons to join Brookfield Sculpture

  • Low commision
    • With a below average commission rate, we ensure that your artistry is valued and rewarded. More profits in your pocket means more opportunity for creativity.
  • Artist promotion
    • Artist profile and works will be featured on the website and on social media.
  • Stunning Rose Garden Setting
    • Your artwork will be displayed in our beautiful rose garden, a tranquil setting that compliments the elegance of every piece. It's a backdrop that resonates with the aesthetic appeal of your work.
  • High Visibility and Visitors
    • Situated on one of Brookfield's main roads, our location guarantees maximum visibility. Engage with art lovers, local residents, and tourists drawn to our unique setting.
  • Community of Like-Minded Artists
    • Join a collaborative environment of fellow artists and suppliers.