Artistry in the Acres of Brookfield

At Brookfield Sculpture, I envision a connection between the natural grace of Brookfield's landscape and the elegance of sculpture and garden art. As a local Brookfield sculptor and resident, I have rooted this vision in the authenticity and charm of our surroundings. Brookfield Sculpture is a celebration of the artistry that resonates with our rural heritage, where every piece reflects the landscape, and creativity breathes life into every acre.

I am excited and proud to announce a partnership between Brookfield Rose Farm and Brookfield Sculpture. Selected works from Local Brookfield and Brisbane Sculptors will be shown.

Sculpture & Roses

A perfect match.


Brookfield Rose Farm is located in the heart of Brookfield on Rafting Ground Road. A busy road with high visibility and frequent visitors.

Brookfield Rose Farm located in the heart of Brookfield.
Aerial photo of the "Gin & Jazz" event at Brookfield Rose Farm