Introducing Kenmore based artist, John Fegan. An artist who brings a dynamic and vibrant touch to the world of outdoor art. With a philosophy that outdoor spaces deserve as much artistic attention as indoor ones, John has dedicated his craft to transforming mundane walls into spectacular displays of colour and texture. John’s approach is rooted in the belief that art should be as enduring as it is beautiful, which is why his pieces are crafted to withstand the elements, ensuring their aesthetic appeal lasts for years.

John in his own words

My work is bold, colourful, weather and time proof and guaranteed to start a conversation. They are designed primarily for outdoor spaces, they will beautify any drab wall and provide the perfect focus for any outdoor living area. They are built to last from industrial materials and the ceramic will never fade or discolour. There are no limits to theme, size, shape, colour scheme and degree of 3D. The 3D element brings the scene to life and projects it into your space, the results are quite spectacular especially when the sunlight reflects off the coloured surfaces. They are perfect for any outdoor application.
I’m waging a one man war against boring outside walls! We spend a lot of time in the Great Outdoors so let’s dress it up a bit. My art is completely weather proof and will not fade, they’re still digging up mosaics in Pompeii and they look great. All materials are industrial standard and blokey, the backing is 9mm cement sheeting so they’ll last forever. Any shape, any size, any design, any colour combination, let your imagination run wild and I’ll produce it for you. There is no end to the colour, drama and beauty of ceramics it goes on forever!

Sculptures For Sale by John

Bamboo Bay - John Fegan
John Fegan’s “Bamboo Bay” is an enchanting mixed media sculpture that beautifully exemplifies his innovative approach to art.
Jellyfish - John Fegan
John Fegan’s ‘Jellyfish’ is a captivating sculpture that combines the delicate beauty of marine life with the robustness of mixed media art.
Lady in the leaves - John Fegan
John Fegan’s ‘Lady in the Leaves’ is a striking sculpture that artfully blends natural imagery with artistic craftsmanship.

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John Fegan’s Outdoor Ceramic Art
John Fegan’s Outdoor Ceramic Art, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. 922 likes. Colourful, indestructible outdoor art, perfect for your garden, pool or outdoor entertainment area.

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