Meet Colleen Lavender, a sculptor whose artistic journey has been as diverse as it has been impactful. Colleen's work spans a wide range of scales and settings, from large public works in Beaudesert to bespoke commissions for local Queensland collectors, and even international pieces that have featured in exhibitions across Australia. Her approach to sculpture is refreshingly unconventional, breathing life into every creation through a unique blend of positive and negative spaces. This results in works that are not just visually striking but also carry a sense of purpose and presence, offering real value to any space they inhabit.

Colleen's toolkit is as eclectic as her artistic vision, with a plasma cutter and welder being her tools of choice. These instruments, in her skilled hands, create an extraordinary synergy of character and eccentricity, giving each piece its unique identity. Her work stands as a testament to her ability to blend technical prowess with creative flair, resulting in sculptures that are not just pieces of art but are experiences in themselves. Colleen Lavender’s sculptures are dynamic expressions of her bold and unorthodox approach to the medium, each one a unique exploration of form and space.

Sculptures For Sale by Colleen

Flow - Colleen Lavender
This sculpture is a deeply personal representation for the artist, embodying the grace and confidence of a stretching horse.

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