Yesterday marked a momentous day for the Brookfield art community as we celebrated the opening day of the "Flowing Forms" exhibition. The event surpassed all expectations, drawing a steady stream of art enthusiasts, locals, and esteemed guests. The atmosphere was buzzing with energy, perfectly complemented by the delightful offerings of coffee and pastries from the on-site van.

The highlight of the opening was undoubtedly the speech by Nina Summers. As the most established sculptor in the Brookfield and Pinjarra Hills area, Nina set an inspiring tone with her strong and composed words, perfectly encapsulating the spirit of the exhibition.

We were honoured to have the support of local dignitaries, including Dr. Christian Rowan MP and Councillor Greg Adermann, who played a role in the official opening. The enthusiasm and backing from local prominent figures reflect the growing recognition of Brookfield as a hub for public outdoor sculpture.

Dr Christian Rowan MP, Nina Summers, Cr Greg Adermann, John Fegan and Jaco Roeloffs
Dr Christian Rowan MP, Nina Summers, Cr Greg Adermann, John Fegan and Jaco Roeloffs

The success of the day was further amplified by the sale of two sculptures by Fred Beel, an achievement that underscores the talent showcased in this exhibition and the appreciation from our visitors. This commercial success is a promising indicator of the potential for Brookfield Sculpture to thrive and become a landmark destination in Brisbane's art landscape.

As we reflect on the opening day, it's clear that "Flowing Forms" has set a high standard for art exhibitions in the region. The combination of passionate artists, supportive community members, and engaging art pieces creates a unique and vibrant environment. We look forward to seeing how Brookfield Sculpture continues to grow and evolve, strengthening its position as a central hub for public outdoor sculpture in Brisbane.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the opening. Your support and enthusiasm make all the difference. We invite those who haven't yet experienced "Flowing Forms" to visit and immerse themselves in the exceptional talent and creativity on display. Here's to many more successful days and to the bright future of Brookfield Sculpture!

Looking Ahead

Now that the exhibition is open, what will happen next?

Over the course of next week, I will be adding placards and corresponding YouTube videos up with each sculpture. The Rose Farm will be open during their scheduled hours, and visitors will be able to enter and follow the free Guided Tour.

Placard for each sculpture. Scan the code and instantly watch the video intro.

I will also be arranging private visits and tours with people interested in buying our sculptures.

📺 YouTube Playlist

I have started the playlist for all the sculpture interviews. At this stage I have 1 video up, the rest I have to upload next week. Have a look at the first one 😄

Private Tours 🤴

To register for a private tour please submit your email address below:

Stay tuned for more updates over the coming months.