95mm (W) x 450 mm (H) x 40 mm (D)

"Out To Lunch" by Mela Cooke is a delightful bronze sculpture that playfully captures the whimsy of everyday moments. This unique piece cleverly juxtaposes the unlikely pair of a baby goat and a handbag, inviting viewers to imagine the story behind this intriguing combination.

Mela's background as a physiotherapist, with a deep appreciation for form and posture, shines through in the detailed and lifelike representation of the goat. Working primarily in bronze, she brings out the subtlety and definition in her subjects, lending a timeless quality to her work. "Out To Lunch" is a testament to Mela’s ability to infuse character and narrative into her sculptures, offering a glimpse into the essence and joy of the scenes she portrays.

The sculpture is in two parts, a baby goat and a handbag.

Out To Lunch