At Brookfield Sculpture, I envision a connection between the natural grace of Brookfield's landscape and the elegance of sculpture and garden art. As a local Brookfield sculptor and resident, I've rooted this vision in the authenticity and charm of our surroundings. Brookfield Sculpture is a celebration of the artistry that resonates with our rural heritage, where every piece reflects the landscape, and creativity breathes life into every acre.

In collaboration with Brookfield Rose Farm, Brookfield Sculpture offers a unique and captivating setting to appreciate the work of skilled sculptors and explore the intricate world of garden art. My goal is to create an enriching experience where visitors can engage with the creativity inspired by our local scenery within a resplendent rose garden setting. Whether you're a lover of fine art or someone drawn to the pastoral elegance of Brookfield, I warmly invite you to explore the sculptures that echo our land's natural beauty.

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Inaugural Exhibition "Flowing Forms"

The first exhibition for Brookfield Sculpture will be Flowing Forms

Flowing Forms - Inaugural exhibition
“Silent Narrative of Flowing Forms” inaugural exhibition. This display brings to life the subtle connection between art and natural surroundings.