A sunny morning last week saw us, a group of sculptors, exploring the Brookfield Rose Farm, soon to be the backdrop for the "Silent Narrative of Flowing Forms" exhibition. Alan O'Connor, our host and the farm's owner, walked us through the spaces where our sculptures will be displayed amongst the roses.

Antone Bruinsma, John Fegan, Colleen Lavender, Fred Beel, and I, Jaco Roeloffs, took the time to find the perfect spots for our sculptures in the landscape. It was a practical session filled with discussions about placement, light, and the connection between art and the farm's natural beauty. While Russell Solomon and Nina Summers weren't there in person, their works will be an integral part of the mix, bringing their visions to our collective initiative.

This day at Brookfield Rose Farm marked the start of a promising venue for sculpture in Brisbane's semi-rural setting. We are eager to transform these acres into a place where art and environment meet.

Details will be finalised soon, and I can't wait to invite you to wander among the sculptures, set against the Brookfield countryside.

Antone Bruinsma

Antone Bruinsma sculpture
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Fred Beel

John Fegan

Colleen Lavender

Russell Solomon

Nina Summers

Nina Summers - Ceramic Arts Queensland
My name is Nina Summers, I was born in Russia and arrived in Australia in 1949. I completed a three year studio ceramics course 1973-1975. I completed an additional one year sculpture course in 1980.I have taught at the Queensland Potters Association teaching both beginners and advanced students in…

Jaco Roeloffs

Jaco Roeloffs Sculptor
Jaco Roeloffs explores nature, human connection, and the fragility of existence through his unique artworks. Using organic materials and found objects, he creates immersive sculptures that blur the line between reality and imagination. Jaco aims to spark a sense of wonder and introspection, inviting…